Sunset Stories

Sunset from my terrace
Sunset from my terrace

I’m sitting on the water tank on my building’s terrace as I write this. It’s 7 pm, just about sunset and I needed a break from the confines of my room and books. And even though I’m not far from them, I am really in a different world all together.

A strong breeze flutters through the trees and caresses my skin. Its soft touch blending with a selection of my favourite soft rhythms, and together, they block out the sounds of traffic.

The last few rays of sunlight bounce off tufts of clouds in the sky in various shades of yellow and orange and grey. They move with the wind, in a file, walking like a throng of people on a pilgrimage do.

Trees sway. Distinct leaves in one moment become a blur of various shades of green in the next, as a gust of breeze shakes their branches. The gulmohur tree sighs with the wind, bright orange and green together in a beautiful mΓ©lange. Stray flower petals float from the trees towards the road below.

Every few minutes an airplane flies over me; it swims amongst the clouds, diving into one and emerging from it just as fast. It looks like a large metal bird, making zooming noises, soft at first, then loud and then soft again as it mixes into the sky far away.

Between the branches of the trees, cuckoos coo. I can only hear them, not see them, and it seems as though the notes come from no direction in particular. But it has a soothing effect, and the music ties all the elements of nature together, filling in any gaps there might be.

What was once a bright sky, now moves towards hues of darkness, as dusk dawns on the horizon. The horizon itself is littered with coconut trees and buildings, and slowly, they converge into one large dark shape beneath the twilight sky.

And I stop and think about all the sunsets I have seen, both in India and abroad. Everywhere, it is the same sun. But in each place it shines differently, and not in terms of more or less light, but it just is different. And each time, this raw beauty is what gets to me.

It reminds me that there is so much simplicity around us that we don’t notice, only because most of the times, our thoughts belong somewhere else, to what we feel are more important things. Little do we realise that it is this simplicity that is capable of calming us the most.

So take some time out every day, put all those busy thoughts aside, and just look around.

You’ll find there’s much to see.


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