Journey to Rest

It’s been a long day, and you sigh. Your feet are tired with all the standing and walking you do. The travelling takes a toll on various body parts, depending on how crowded your commute is. Your work life provides you with some days that are particularly mind numbing. And today, it’s been a long day.

Sleep is all that’s on your mind. You come home, drop your bag down, change into a comfortable pair of shorts and a t shirt. Then have some dinner while you watch the television, not absorbing any bit of the TV show. Neither do you pay attention to all the people in your house trying to make conversation with you. Because, sleep is all that’s on your mind.

You can’t tell the exact moment you’ll fall asleep anyway. You hope it’ll be soon though. You clean up, brush, switch off the lights, and clamber into bed. And you lie down, flat on your back, feeling the weariness weighing you down. You feel the softness of the bed against your back, the folds of your blanket over you. You’re comfortable and you feel as though you needn’t move again. As though even if you try to move, you won’t be able to. Your eyes are closed, the lids clamped tight as though they have gotten stuck there. And all you can see is darkness. Your mind is slowly shutting down, various thoughts floating around turn into wisps before they finally disappear. You can’t tell the exact moment you…..


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