Ephemeral means ‘lasting for a very short time’. Like the sky at sunset. You look away for just a moment, only to look back and find that the clouds have shifted, and that the sun’s rays shine differently, leading to new shades of sunset in the sky.

This is what the sky looked like today:

EphemeralThis post is in response to the Weekly Photo ChallengeEphemeral |The Daily Post.

P.S. That coconut tree has featured in two other posts on Echoes of Life too! You can see how different the sky looks in Sunset Stories and At Sun-down.


16 thoughts on “Ephemeral

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    • Hello Preetha!
      Haha, is that true?
      Aww thank you! Yes, it IS pretty cool to find that there’s so many people out there just like you. It is a small world, isn’t it?
      Will check out your blog too! 🙂


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