There was a loud bang, a flash of light and pain shot through me like lightening.

It felt like a large hand was gripping my insides, squeezing tighter with every passing second.
It felt like there were millions of needles pushing into my brain, and my head throbbed like it never had before.

By instinct, my hands wrapped themselves around my torso. My knees buckled and I collapsed on to the cold hard floor, my legs not being able to take my weight anymore.

I curled up, involuntarily worsening the pain. I writhed in agony as my vision dimmed and my mind went numb.

I tried to scream, but there was no sound.
I tried to breathe, but there was no air.
I tried to cry, but there were no tears.

I could hear laughter; it seemed like it was coming from far away, but I was sure the voice that followed, belonged to my dark robed attacker.

“Filthy mudblood!” he sniggered and bellowed again, “Crucio!”

A loud bang.
A flash of light.
And then it all went black.


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