It’s dark and the ocean stretches on for as far as you can see. Waves lash against you on either side and you struggle to stay afloat. All you want to do is get to that little orange raft floating a few metres away from you.

But the current is strong and the raft can’t come to you, you need to go to the raft. That’s your aim, and the only way you can stay alive.

You battle against the water, as it mercilessly tosses you around. A large wave hits you out of nowhere, and you go under.

The water is cold and icy; shivers run down your spine and goosebumps erupt across your skin. The strong currents tug on you, pulling you deeper and deeper inside the ocean.

You’ve held your breath for so long, but it isn’t enough. You’re tired. You’re losing air. You can’t stand the cold anymore. You’re afraid of the dark.

So you open your eyes.

The salt stings you, but you force your lids to stay open. Even with all the darkness, you can see the surface of the ocean; you can even make out the grey clouds.

There is no one around you for miles and you are your only hope. Only you can get yourself out of the ocean. And there’s only one way to do it.

‘You can swim!’ you tell yourself. Your hands and legs start moving faster and faster, as though that revelation lit up a spark within you. You push harder, hoisting your way to the surface of the ocean.

You spot a dark object floating about five feet from you. Your raft. You move towards it, trying to grasp onto the rope hanging off it, floating in the water. You force yourself to go faster, and when it feels like you’ll never make it, the rope floats towards you.

You grab it and pull yourself out of the water, gasping for air, and scrambling onto the raft. The waves suddenly seem to have gotten subdued. The grey clouds begin to part and slowly, the sun’s rays shine through.

You notice the oar of the raft is still here. You can see the beach not too far away. You can breathe air again.

Tears run down your cheeks.

You made it.


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