Project Paint

I love to art. And I’ve always wanted to paint a wall. So when my sister asked, “Hey Rewa, do you want to come paint the walls in a school?”, I was totally up for it.

Project Paint is a St. Xavier’s College Social Service League (SSL) (Facebook | WordPress) initiative, where they go paint the walls in schools within Mumbai.


Today’s session (Facebook event link here) was at a school at Vile Parle, and was a long 9 am to 6 pm drill. Project Paint had collaborated with Project MAD, which is an initiative outside of St. Xavier’s, that is involved in painting walls in Mumbai. While Project MAD is mainly for beautification of the city, Project Paint is more inclined towards maintenance of schools.

Wall by Project MAD


Wall by Project MAD


The school’s compound wall was being painted by Project MAD volunteers on the outside, and by Project Paint volunteers on the inside. The volunteers did everything, from scrubbing the walls, drawing outlines with chalk, to the actual painting.

I helped out with these two walls:




It was SO much fun! I think painting is therapeutic in any case, but here, you have the entire wall, larger brushes and you’re doing this for a social cause. I can only imagine how excited the kids would be on Monday morning, walking into a much more colourful and creative school than the one they left on Friday evening.


I’m definitely doing more of these, but for now, this is a bucket list item checked off! 😀


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