The Wedding Diaries #1: The Basics

My cousin sister is getting married. To the love of her life. This December. And it’s pretty insane.

The big fat Indian wedding always seemed like it would be the most fun thing ever. Right from planning to execution to the actual event. And even right now, approximately 3 months to the wedding, it still seems like it would be the most fun thing ever. So, I’m going try and chronicle the whole effort in a series of write ups I’m calling “The Wedding Diaries“.

Ektaa gets married to Prinstan in December 2016. A casual engagement was held last year some time at Prinstan’s house, where the families met and finalised the dates and the functions. After a LOT of deliberation and after checking everyone’s availability (exams, school/ college holidays, work commitments) and auspicious days, the final events were fixed as follows:

  • Mehndi
  • Garba and Sangeet
  • Reception (Ektaa’s side)
  • Church Wedding and Reception (Prinstan’s side)

Let me give you a little background on the happy couple. Ektaa and Prinstan met through a common friend, who needed notes from Ektaa for his then girlfriend, and sent Prinstan to get them from Ektaa. Pretty soon, Ektaa and Prinstan got friendly and then a little more than friendly. They dated for a few years before deciding to finally get married. But more on that later.

True to the mind set of Indian families, since this is an inter-religion wedding, both sides wanted to have their own functions. But both families are pretty chill and the final list of events was decided by Ektaa and Prinstan.

Hall and ground bookings were all done as soon as the wedding dates got fixed. A tentative buffet menu and tentative number of guests was decided with the hall managers.

That’s all the technical stuff. Let’s get to the fun stuff now.

We visited Vasai on the last weekend of June and stayed over at Prinstan’s place. It was fun. Prinstan has one real brother and lots of cousin brothers. They all live as joint family, not too far from Ektaa’s house. So, it was pretty much a kids’ night out (except, we’re all adults). We went to Bhuigaon beach. We went out dancing to The Goal Post – a pub right above the halls we’ve booked – and we decided that if the wedding gets boring, we could just hang out here instead (Bride and Groom included). We drove around Vasai Fort, right up to the docks at the creek at 1 am. We used mosambi instead of lemon in our drinks and it tasted pretty awesome. We had a great, great time.

The next morning, with the grown ups, we lunched at Farmhouse, a great restaurant right next to the creek, and then drove down to the Fort again. And to the docks. It was high tide, and windy and super rainy, and we got drenched completely. It was epic.

Then, we went back so everyone could have a look at the halls that were booked. And that’s when we realised that the hall had changed owners. And that there was no record of what exactly we had booked, when we had booked it for, what specifications we had agreed upon and there was no sign of the advance payment we had made in the books of the new owners.

Wedding Jhol #1

Thankfully, we had a few pictures of the contracts we had signed and we discussed those with the new manager. We also yelled at him. Which was when he told us that when the old owners were bought out by the new guys, there was no information of future bookings provided. Just a few names. So, while Ektaa’s name was there, with the dates for which the halls were booked, there were no contact details in there. Moreover, the new guys hadn’t bothered finding out details either.

Such geniuses.

We yelled some more about the lack of basic customer etiquette and responsibility towards contracts. We decided then that it would be best if Ektaa and Prinstan went back to meet the new managers during the week and discuss everything in detail with them again, finalising all contract details for once and for all.

So, Prinstan finally went down to the hall and discussed everything, throwing in a few extras we had not discussed with the old owners, and got great deals. He negotiated, and got the contract we wanted. The manager was pretty sorry about the whole mess up and accepted everything.

So basically, Prinstan was able to make the most out of this whole mess up and work it into our favour too!

Goes to show what a great catch Prinstan is for Ektaa, don’t you think?

Next in the series: The Notebook


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