The Wedding Diaries #2: The Notebook

My cousin sister is getting married. To the love of her life. This December. And it’s pretty insane.

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Being on Team Bride in a Big Fat Indian Wedding involves some pretty harrowing duties, let me tell you that. It’s a whole lot of fun, of course! But, harrowing.

When I’m talking about Team Bride duties, I’m not talking about the usual duties like the hall bookings and date fixing and all that. I’m talking about the serious stuff. The Bride’s wardrobe.

We’d been looking up pictures all over the internet for ideas for hairstyles, clothes and make up for The Bride for each of the wedding functions. We ended up saving, taking screenshots and sending so many photos to each other, that it got way too confusing to actually manage. So I set up a folder on Google Drive called Ektaa’s Wedding to save them all.

But a folder is still just a collection of pictures. That’s where the idea of The Notebook was born.

One afternoon, I sat with Ektaa and a blank notebook and we wrote down every single detail of what exactly she wanted her outfits to be. A good thing about doing this was that Ektaa was pretty sure about what she wanted.

!!Awesome Bride Alert!!

We went function-wise, starting with the type and colour options for each outfit, be it a lehenga, a sari, a gown, or anything else. Then, we listed hairstyle ideas that would suit the occasion. Next, we wrote down what type of shoes would be the best choice (a bride has a lot of standing and walking to do). After that, came make up, and finally, jewellery and accessories.

And here’s what we discovered after all the brainstorming (How To Bride 101):

  • Dark colours would be the best for the Mehndi, to avoid stains
  • Bright colours would go superbly with a garba night vibe
  • But platform heels would help you dance all night
  • And the reception outfit HAS to be the classiest of them all

With an elaborate list of the outfits in place, we moved on to the rest of the To Do List. And we realised there’s a LOT to do. We listed down, function-wise again, everything required to be done: hall bookings, decoration, music, food, guest lists, dandiyas, the whole deal. It was a long, long list.

Then we made a General To Do List, you know, stuff that has nothing to do with specific wedding functions. That included shopping, booking the photographer, invitation cards, and so much more.

We went all out – using different coloured pens and everything. Yes, we’re weird like that.

But, effective.

Because, soon enough, we had a plan. The Wedding Plan.

Everything seemed real and exciting all of a sudden. This is really happening. My sister is getting married!

And we were so proud of The Notebook, we showed it to the whole family as soon as we could. We carried it with us when we went shopping too!

But that is whole other story…

Read Part 3 here – “No Pressure!”


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