The Wedding Diaries #4: Pyaar Dosti Hai

My cousin sister is getting married. To the love of her life. This December. And it’s pretty insane.

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Shah Rukh Khan in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai said, “Pyaar dosti hai.” (“Love is friendship.”) And although we were kids when we watched that movie, most of us had the same thought – “I’d love me some Shah Rukh Khan.”

Then we got older, and we watched rom-coms, and even more Shah Rukh Khan movies. We realised there was a common underlying theme to them all – pyaar dosti hai. There’s no love without friendship.

And that’s exactly where our story begins.

What’s the best way of finding new friends? Through another friend! It’s effective most times, I guess. That’s how our Bride and Groom met, and I can tell you for a fact that they’re pleased.

Ektaa and Prinstan met when a mutual friend asked Prinstan to pick up some lecture notes for his girlfriend. They added each other on Facebook, and began to talk. Pretty much every day. It was all friendly chit chatting though. He had moved to China around that time for a work stint, and internet was the only connection they shared. But then, he called her up from China to wish her on her birthday. That’s when she realised this friendship was special.

When he came back from China, he met her to give her a box of chocolates he’d gotten. They met a couple of times after that too, but not for very long. Prinstan had to go back to China for almost 6 to 8 months at a stretch for work, coming back to Bombay for only a few weeks.

Skip ahead two years, and Ektaa topped her year in college. Prinstan bought her a teddy bear as a gift, but Ektaa was apprehensive about taking it, since they weren’t all that close after all. He mailed her a picture of it anyway.


Over the next 2-3 years, they’d keep chatting over the internet, meeting a few times when he came to Bombay on leave, and going back to chatting when he left. It was then that some of her closest friends moved away, and Ektaa found herself talking more and more to Prinstan. She realised that even if she was alone in person, he was there for her to share things with, albeit in another country.

Their friendship deepened even further when he finally returned from China for good. They were able to speak more often, meet more often, and spend more time with each other. They weren’t dating, but he soon became one of her closest friends.

When exactly dosti began transitioning into pyaar, neither of the two could tell, but within each of their minds, the possibility of something beyond just friendship started blooming pretty soon. Ektaa thought that he seemed like the right guy for her, having pretty much all the qualities she was looking for. And more than anything else, he’d been there for her when she needed someone to talk to. Could it be possible that he felt the same way too?

Prinstan did. He thought that she seemed like the right girl for him. But ever since she’d told him off about the teddy bear he bought her, he didn’t want to come across too strong, and he wasn’t sure if she was looking for a relationship.

So they spoke, and met, and spent more time with each other, but neither of them said a word.

That year, Prinstan invited Ektaa home for his birthday. It was a close knit affair, mostly his family and close friends. It was all very chilled out and friendly, and they had a great time.

Later, he met her again, this time to invite her to his place for Christmas. Not being able to stand the suspense any longer, she had to ask him (to put it simply), “What are we?”

And just like that, dosti completely turned into pyaar.


PS. Prinstan did eventually give Ektaa the teddy bear earlier this year. 😛

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