The Wedding Diaries #5: The Bachelorette

My cousin sister is getting married. To the love of her life. This December. And it’s pretty insane.

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No one becomes a Bride without a bachelorette party. So, obviously we planned one for our Bride-To-Be!

We were eight of us, including the Bride, her cousins and close friends; and we booked a bungalow at Neral to spend the weekend before the wedding ceremonies began. The whole trip was, needless to say, pretty much legendary.

The bungalow (The Destination Homes) was nestled in the Western Ghats and had a beautiful view. The night was cold and the stars were bright. We dolled up as soon as we got there and took and insane number of photos, and we danced almost all night.

But as you all know, what happens at a bachelorette party stays at the bachelorette party!

I’ll still share some photos. 🙂

Next post in the series: Mehndi and Doodles.


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