The Wedding Diaries #6: Mehndi and Doodles

My cousin sister got married. To the love of her life. Last December. And it was pretty insane.

Read the rest of the series here: The Wedding Diaries

It’s been some time since the last post in this series went up, and my original plan was to write a series finale post all about the wedding shenanigans. That one, as it turns out, is taking a while to write. Like the actual wedding was, I want that blog post to be perfect!

In the meantime though, here’s something fun I did.

I took this photo of Ektaa’s beautiful mehndi as we sat chit chatting by the pool at the Farmhouse we were staying at during the wedding weekends. I loved how the cool blue of the pool contrasted with the dark red mehndi stains.

Take a look!


I initially didn’t think a filter would be necessary for this photo, but then I had another idea. Doodles on the photo!

Most of you would know that I love to doodle. I usually post my art on my Instagram @rewa2303, but I’ve also made a new page on this site for it – Today I Doodled. I drew this idea from a similar doodle I’d done before.

I printed out the photo on an A4 size sheet and doodled away with a black pen. This is how it turned out:


That’s how you put boredom to good use. 😉


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