The Scrap-booking Project

This is a story of Boredom and Procrastination. Once upon a time, there was a girl named Rewa. Boredom and Procrastination lived inside her head. One fine day, Procrastination was putting off some work, and Boredom spotted a notebook and some pens. Boredom looked at Procrastination and said, “Hey let’s fill up this notebook! I’ll ring up Creativity to help.” And so, The Scrap-booking Project was born.

Well, I hadn't thought of the name
So I hadn’t exactly thought of the name “The Scrap-booking Project” back then. 😛

It’s all very nascent. But I have planned to write/draw/doodle something every day (well, almost everyday). Till then, have a look below!

PS. I share these on my Instagram page as well under this tag – #TheScrapbookingProject !


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