First Birthday

I had decided I wanted to blog years ago; about what, I had no idea. I just knew that there is a certain satisfaction that develops within you when you write, when the words simply flow from your mind to the page. And it’s so much better when they look good there, and even more so when the people who read your words, appreciate them.

I love writing. Although, I’m still not fully sure what I love to write, even though I have written quite a bit till date. And there are those dark patches when I sit with pen and paper or with an empty MS Word document and get absolutely nothing, and I give up and put it away.

But there are times when stories just pop into my head and then I need to write them down before I forget.

Which is the most evident reason, exactly one year ago, I started blogging.

Within the year, Echoes of Life has taken off in style, receiving more response in terms of hits, followers and comments than I would have imagined in my wildest dreams. This is not an exaggeration. I love you guys for reading what I’ve written and giving me valuable feedback time and again!


As a quick recap, I now have a whopping 184 followers, more than 3300 hits all across 36 (well, 37 now) blog posts. And hopefully, there’s much more that will follow in the near future.

Who knows, I may even write a book some day. But right now, I can safely say that blogging is the best thing that has happened to me. 💖


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